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Mitchell's Sponsors:

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Windarra Park Equestrian is all about showjumping!  

Mitchell began riding at age 11, it was the first time he ever sat on a horse.  From there he began regular weekly lessons and his passion grew.  He was introduced to jumping by his first instructor, Sandy Lucas (Eventer) and that was where the journey hit a new level.

Mitchell began Eventing, with his then coach (Kerry French), and enjoyed it immensely.  The feeling of galloping across a cross country course was very appealing to him.  He soon reached Pre-Novice on his horse Statford Novalis.  Blacky shortly after winning that event, sustained a tendon injury and could no longer compete.  That was the cross road for Mitchell where he began to focus more on showjumping, due to the fact he could jump higher heights than in Eventing.  There was no looking back!

Dave Cameron then took Mitchell under his wing and began moulding him to the Showjumper he is today.  He taught him the skills necessary to train younger horses which led us to purchasing CW Conquest as a cheeky 6 year old with super amounts of talent.  Their bond was instant and they were very comfortable with each other.  Curly was unlike any other horse Mitch had ridden.  We soon started adding to our team of horses with Majestic Sun and WP Cisco.  Mitch's passion and desire to compete grew as did our team of horses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those mentors mentioned above, in giving Mitchell the best start in his riding career.  We have been very fortunate with the people involved in shaping Mitchell into the rider he is today.

Current Sponsors
Current Sponsors

Mitch has enjoyed much success with his team of competition horses and has been lucky enough in his short career to be selected on two Young Rider Squads 2015, and a National and State Squad 2016.  He has also acquired the attention of his amazing sponsors who have supported him for the last couple of years.  Newly acquired sponsor is Kingsland Equestrian Australia with Jenny and Kate Alexander.  Mitchell is thrilled to have such a sponsor with their extensive range of equestrian clothing and gear for horses, along with Natural Mobility (Ashley Jankowski) who we have been associated with for many years now and believe in her joint formula to be one of the best on the market, along with Strong Step Hoof Oil to name a few products she stocks.  Our horses joints are important to us and their overall well-being.  

Not officially a sponsor but David Finch from Finch Farm has a vested interest in Mitchell and Windarra Park, with us purchasing 3 horses bred from David.  His support and knowledge he lends us is invaluable and we consider him our greatest asset with his expertise and knowledge he shares.  

Current Team
Current Team

Our current horses being, Hirocco VDL (imp), Gredstedgaard's Number One, WP Elegance, CW Conquest (twice owned now by Mitch).  These will be seen out at most shows competing at levels ranging from 1.10m through to 1.50m.  Our imported gelding from Denmark's Stutteri Ask stables, Gredstedgaard's Number One has been out competing successfully 1.30 -1.40m and will be aiming for more World Cup starts in 2021.  


 We are very excited with our team that we have, they are all well bred.  Our Australian bred horses are from Finch Farm's Calgary GNZ and Charlemagne Ego Z.  David Finch breeds some of the finest horses in Australia and has an outstanding choice of highly competitve horses for sale.  Our others are well selected imports with some amazing bloodlines who we imported as 4 & 5 year olds from Holland, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Please visit our HORSES page to read all about each horse.  All of our horses are for sale, if interested please contact us for more details.

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